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As a European producer, SIGAS GmbH is capable of serve Industrial Areas, Power Plants, Workshops, Sub-Stations etc. with world class premium grade safety mats for electrical purposes.

The close vicinity floor of electrical equipment such as Electrical apparatus, L.T & H.T Control Panels, Switchboards, Fuse Boxes, Switch-gear, electrical Bus Bars & Heavy machinery, should be equipped using insulation mats. It is mandatory to install insulating mats in any operation related to electricity generation, transmission or distribution.

Electrical insulating mats are designed to guarantee safety of workers who work with high or low voltage electrical equipment. SIGAS GmbH continuously seeks to develop tools, techniques and products that will have a greater impact on workers’ safety!

Thanks to the wide variety of our products, our customers will be capable of choosing one exactly meet their requirements. Furthermore our experts are available to provide innovative solutions and professional consultant.